Why Hire a Locksmith to Rekey?

Why Should You Hire a Locksmith to Rekey?

What most of us are not aware of is the possibility of security breaches in our homes and offices if the locks are kept the same. After every year or so, the locks should be changed in order to maximize security and assure safety. But there is one more option if you don’t want to change your locks, it is called rekeying. Rekeying refers to adjustment of a cylinder inside your already existing lock to change the key it opens up with. Once the cylinder has been adjusted, you will require a new key and the old one will no longer work. This is an excellent solution to your security concerns and changing locks every year.

Another great advantage of rekeying is that it is much more affordable than getting your locks changed. Also, it is much more reliable and quicker. Once you have the locks rekeyed, you will not have to worry about spending more time on getting the locks changed. You will not even have to find new designs for your locks. Rekeying is possibly the most affordable and easiest way of tackling your security concerns and saving your valuable possessions.

The important concern here is who should be hired to rekey your home or office. Who better than a professional locksmith to rekey your home and office? While there are hundreds of other stores which provide the service of rekeying your homes and offices, hiring a professional locksmith is the best option. The first reason is of course his profession. A locksmith has been working with locks all his life and knows how to adjust them properly. If a rookie technician does the work, there are chances of you getting locked out of your house. A locksmith will know exactly where and how to adjust the metallic cylinder for rekeying.

Secondly, the skill of a locksmith in understanding different locks cannot be denied. Imagine hiring some technician or engineer for rekeying. Not only will they demand more money but there is a risk of getting the process done wrong. Not all technicians and mechanics can have their way with locks as professionally as locksmiths. Therefore, a locksmith will be your best bet for rekeying any office door or your house door.

A locksmith will also professionally handle the lock quicker than anyone else. A professional locksmith can tell the length of the cylinder as well as its adjustment point in the lock just by looking at the lock. Therefore, hiring someone who can do the job faster and professionally is definitely what you need to be doing.

Another reason for hiring a locksmith for rekeying is because of his skillful equipment. Any professional locksmith will possess the equipment to quickly adjust the cylinder in your locks and rekey them. Other professionals might not have the equipment. Furthermore, if you try to attempt rekeying your locks yourself, you won’t even have the right equipment to do so. You wouldn’t want to get locked out of your house would you?

If you’re thinking why you will have to rekey your locks in the first place, here are a few reasons:

  • Increasing security: as mentioned earlier, it is always better to change your locks of the front door of your house and office after a year. This is to maximize security and reduce the risks of security breaches. Instead of changing the locks entirely, rekeying them is much more affordable and quicker for the same purpose.
  • Increasing innovativeness: with the danger and risk of lock picking, you would need something innovative that protects your assets. What better way than getting rekeyed instead of changing the entire security system and having a new one installed?
  • Ensuring safety: with hundreds of dangerous criminals around us, we would want our family and valuable possessions to be safe from all sorts of harm. Rekeying is the most affordable and easy way of doing so.

Rekeying is a significant part of your life if you want to increase security at your home or office and stay safe. Having a professional locksmith do the job for you will be cherry on top. Never pay a rookie more money just because you think he can do the job!