The difference in High Security Locks

The difference in High Security Locks

The reason we need more locks in our homes and offices is because we need to improve security and increase safety of our possessions. From the lives of your children to your most valuable possessions, everything you own needs to be protected. Our professional locksmith Houston is ready at your service to offer high security locks to improve your security at home and work place. You can evaluate the difference between your average locks and the high security locks. Upgrading your security locks is a much better option than risking your safety and life.

Among the most common locks include the padlocks that are operated with keys. These padlocks are often used to protect our possessions in homes, offices and warehouses. Some of the issues related to these easily operated locks include:

Keys can be easily duplicated: the keys that operate these locks are easily copied and replicated. The problem with these keys is that they are made from simple mechanisms and the locks are available at almost every market. Therefore, the keys can be duplicated by lock masters and other burglars. They only require one-time access to the keys in order to duplicate them and enter your house. This is one of the top reasons for increased crime rates.

Locks are easy to pick: the padlocks are made from simple mechanisms and don’t require expertise in the field. While they are produced easily, they can be picked easily as well. Only a single pin may enable the person to pick this kind of a lock. This is why these locks need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Easy to break: the padlocks can be drilled into easily. With the help of cylindrical locking structure, these locks can be easily opened. By simply drilling into the mechanism of the lock, it can be opened easily and can be broken from the entire door. Therefore, these locks are weak in terms of protecting your possessions and life today.

Locks might get rusty: due to exposure to water and storms, these metallic and iron locks easily get rusty and fall off. These locks are simply developed and therefore have the issue of falling off easily. Therefore, these locks need replacement for stronger and better security protective methods.

While the simpler and older locks can be easily picked, you need something to replace these locks with. You need to make sure your new locks are stronger and firm for protecting your possessions. Following are the differences between the newly developed locks and old locks which will make your decision easier.

Limited number of keys: the keys made with new locks and padlocks are only manufactured once or twice. These keys cannot be duplicated and copied easily. Once you purchase the better lock and higher security lock, you will have its key registered to your name and ID. Afterwards, the key will be patented to your name. No one else in the entire world will be able to make a duplicate of that key or have it made from the company. Patented and restricted keys improve your security conditions automatically since no one can break your locks or tamper with them.

Picking is not an option: the new locks are made from complex mechanisms that make them impossible to get picked. These locks cannot be picked by picking needles and other tools. Apart from the very professional locksmiths, no one will be able to pick these locks. The cylindrical structure that is made inside the lock is not only pick-proof but also cannot be drilled into. The drills cannot be embedded within these cylindrical structures to make sure nothing is entered inside the lock.

Do not rust or get tampered with: the new locks are improved and do not rust. However, for improved security conditions, you can always have them replaced and upgraded after a period of three months. After you’ve replaced the locks after every three months, your security conditions are improved and no one can possibly tamper with your locks.

If you are looking for the best companies which produce these high security locks, you need to consult the following manufacturing companies:

Schlage, Mul T lock, Corbin-Russwin, ASSA Lock, Inc. and Medeco.

Why you need to improve your security at home and office

You need to make sure your house, office and warehouses are equipped with the best security locks for improved security. This is because of the increased crime rates globally. You need to make sure your possessions and life are safe from the burglars that may attack your neighborhood. Having your locks changed after every three months is the best way of handling your security crisis. Precaution is always better then afterward protection.

With the increase of our legal documents and valuable possessions, you need to make sure your house and offices are safe. Most of our important data, office books and other legal documents are stored in the form of digital media; we need to protect them from external forces and pressures. This is why you need to make sure your security at home and office is increased. You can also hire our professionally trained Locksmith Houston for improving your security conditions. In case you want to change your security level at the home and office, you can also have security systems installed in your home and office. For example, you can have a smart security system installed with provides an alert in case of an entrance or exit. Increased security systems may also require an identification system for your entry and exit. What could be better than a smart security system that makes sure everything inside your house and office is kept safe from the outer world? Have your old and rusty locks replaced with our professional locksmiths right now and make sure everything you own is safe, along with your life and that of our loved ones.