Falcon Emergency Exit Device

Falcon Emergency Exit Device

Emergency exit is a structure or device that can be installed in buildings for emergency purposes. These emergency situations include: fire alarms, smoke, release of toxins in the air, release of radioactive chemicals in the environment etc. The nature of emergency depends upon the kind of building it is. The emergency exit is designed for people who are present in the building. These people would have to rush out of the building. The emergency exit allows the building to be evacuated as soon as possible in case of emergencies. This allows people to find the best exit instead of rushing through doors that might be locked. Other purposes of emergency exit devices can be unlocking of all the doors and gates that have been installed in a building. Falcon emergency exit device is used for that purpose. You can hire a professional locksmith Houston to have this device installed in order to evacuate commercial or residential buildings under emergency situations.

With the growing security concerns and emergency situations, we ought to have emergency exit devices installed in commercial as well as residential buildings. Among the best devices to be installed in buildings, Falcon emergency exit devices can be used. The Falcon emergency exit device can be installed in doors and garage gates for emergency purposes. The reason such devices are installed are for urgent exits. There are a number of situations which might lead to installation of such devices. Following are some reasons which require such emergency devices to be installed:

Fire alarms: in case the fire alarm sets out due to smoke or fire in a building, the building is supposed to be evacuated instantly. The only way of doing so is by opening all the doors and allowing the people to rush outside. However, in case of panic and emergency, it is not easy to open all locks and deadbolts immediately. Therefore, it becomes necessary to install a security device that opens and closes immediately. The Falcon emergency exit device can be installed with ease to open all your doors and gates instantly in case of emergency. If the fire hits out or some smoke emits from the building, the device can be used to open all the doors and enable emergency exit. This way, everyone can rush out without opening several door locks and deadbolts. Our professionally trained and skilled Locksmith Houston is always ready at emergency notice to help tackle fire and evacuate buildings. However, it is always better to have the emergency exit devices installed for better evacuation of the buildings in case of natural or human error crisis.

Natural hazards: there are various natural hazards which might inflict damage inside the buildings. These natural hazards include floods, earthquakes and storms. In such a case, the building is prone to collapse. Not only that, the people inside the building might be under danger. Therefore, the building must be evacuated instantly. In such a case, the Falcon emergency exit device is the best solution. This device enables every door to be unlocked and every bolt to be opened. By installing this single device, every building can be easily evacuated with a single mechanism. Whether the flood hits the buildings or the earthquake causes jerks to shake the entire building, this device can allow emergency exit at all times. With a single push of a button or level pulling, the emergency exit device can disable all locks found in the particular building enabling people to rush outside without creating more panic.

The benefits of having Falcon emergency exit device installed have been stated. Further, we need to analyze where the emergency exit device can be installed. Oftentimes, the device is installed within the main circuit room of the building. If the building is commercial, the main circuit room is the one that features all the buildings’ security essentials and electricity supply devices. This room will feature the Falcon emergency exit device. In case of emergency, the person in-charge will push a single button which will allow all doors to be unlocked for the building to the evacuated. This is the sole purpose of the emergency exit device: to evacuate buildings immediately without causing more panic.

Commercial buildings where these Falcon emergency exit devices are most commonly found include:

  • Fire departments: where there is equipment which might cause fuse in the electrical systems
  • Hospitals: where there are medicinal drugs which might cause trouble in breathing or other contact diseases that might lead to deaths and other serious health concerns
  • Museums: where there are chances of fire alarms and high reactivity due to different nature of paints and colors present
  • Schools: where there are different laboratories which might lead to fire and other instabilities in the ambiance
  • Offices and other commercial buildings: where there are cleaning agents containing various chemicals and dangerous ingredients
  • Search laboratories: where there are chances of highly reactive and explosive chemicals to be found. These buildings require more than one emergency exit devices to make sure every lock is disabled in the time of need
  • Libraries: where fire might hit out due to climatic conditions or other emergencies

These are only a few buildings where emergency exit devices are installed and required. According to the emergency situations and their nature in these buildings, different levels of security devices can be used. For example, the hospitals and schools might have intense security levels while those at museums and libraries may be less intense. The nature of security level depends upon the ratio of human life found in the buildings. However, it can be noted how important installing such emergency exit devices is, especially in commercial buildings. Not only will these devices enable proper evacuation in the least time possible, they will ensure care of those people who step out of the building in emergency crisis. Therefore, installing such emergency exit devices must be mandatory in commercial buildings.