Why do locks fall off?

Why do locks fall off?

We use different kinds of locks to protect our belongings and valuable possessions. Padlocks are among the most commonly used locks on our house and office doors. It cannot be denied how important using locks are. The following are some reasons why you would be using locks in your home or offices:

  • The increasing crime rate internationally
  • You want to protect your important documents and legal books from other possession
  • You want to make sure your valuable possessions are out of reach
  • You want to make sure you’re your precious jewels and money are out of reach from burglars and thieves
  • You want to make sure your precious documents and jewels are out of reach from climatic conditions and external pressures

As there are different reasons why you would require locks for protection, there are different kinds of locks you would use. You can concern your Locksmith Houston for more advice. Among the different kinds of locks the most commonly used is the padlock. Padlocks can be used to lock the doors and cabinets from the outside without having them attached to anything else. It works as an independent external source that can be locked outside of the door handle or cabinet handle. This lock is also used to lock the handles of a gate. Padlock is made from steel and other metals. It can be of two different types: combination and keys. The key padlock is most often used. It can be opened with a simple key by twisting and turning. The combination padlock opens by combining two keys and twisting them together. There are a number of reasons why a padlock might fall off. Among the top reasons is that it has been tampered with. No matter which padlock you have, it is easier to pick than other locking systems. If it is picked, it can easily fall off from your safe possession. On the other hand, padlocks might also rust due to external pressure and water exposure. Therefore, the padlock works best if it is safe from external pressures and water.

Another kind of lock you might use is deadbolt. Deadbolts are installed inside the door knobs and locks. There are three basic kinds of deadbolts that can be used. These include: single, double and thumb-turn. These different kinds of deadbolts can increase the security of your possessions. These locks also require keys to open and close them. They are difficult to pick than simple padlocks. The reason why this deadbolt might fall off is its exposure to external force and water. While the deadbolts resist rusting, they can be picked by top equipment and expert burglars. However, the deadbolt might fall off if the keys break inside the keyhole of the lock.

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Knob lock is another lock frequently used in residential and commercial buildings. This lock is installed inside the door knob. It opens and locks by mere twisting of the lock like structure present outside the knob. It requires no key or other external force to lock or open. This lock only gets installed in the door knobs. One of the reasons why this lock might fall off is because it is easy to pick and gets disrupted by force and pressure. When the knob is twisted with more pressure than required, the lock might completely fall off. Also, this kind of a lock is also prone to get rusted if it is exposed to wind and water.

Lever handle locks can also be used to protect your valuables inside rooms and cupboards. These locks are also installed within the doors, instead of door knobs. The lever acts as the door knob handle and can be twisted to open the door. However, the lever has a lock inside it. This lock can only be opened by the help of a key. These locks most commonly fall off. When they are twisted or turned down with more pressure and force than required, they can easily break off from the door. Another reason for their falling off might be tampering. When a burglar tries to pick this lock, he might break the entire system of locking inside the lock, causing it to fall off completely.

Rim latch locks are often used within apartments and cabinets to secure inside possessions. These locks are installed within dark mounted structures. When the black mount is placed instead of the door handle or knob, the lock is then installed inside it. The lock can be opened by mere twisting of the knob like structure on it. Therefore, it is easy to open and lock it without requiring a key or special combination. This lock might easily fall off due to excessive turning and twisting of the knob like structure. This lock does not withstand a lot of pressure or force. Therefore, it is easy to break off and tamper with.

Key in cylindrical knob is another type of lock used inside doors and cabinets. The cylinder structure is installed within the cabinet, cupboard or door that needs to be locked. When the cylinder is installed, a special key is appointed with the lock. The lock follows a complex mechanism for locking the possessions inside. With the help of the key, the lock can be opened and closed. This lock might fall off due to the breaking of the key inside the key hole or if it has been tampered with.

Above mentioned were some locks and the reasons why they might fall off without you noticing it. The best thing to do is analyze why they might fall off and get the one installed that would secure your possessions for the longest time possible. You need to evaluate what kind of possessions you need to protect and which lock would protect them in the best possible method. Have a look at the kind of locks and concern a Locksmith Houston regarding your possessions.

Choosing New Door Lock Wisely

Choose Your New Door Lock Wisely

From time to time, most of the homeowners are occasionally replacing the door locks on their home. If you are currently looking at the market for your new door locks, there are a number of considerations, which you can take into account before buying. Knowing the significant features of the new locks at the market today will help you in making a wise decision about the product that is perfect for your home. The door locks today come in a variety of finishes and colors that Locksmith Houston is offering, where you can select from. Many of the homeowners can select from the finishes or colors that the Locksmith Houston offers based on the finishes of the other metal fixtures in your home like the hinges, faucets, lights, and many more.

A New Locksmith Houston Door Lock that is perfect for your Home

To do so will help you in maintaining a constant look across your home. Nevertheless, some other significant consideration in terms of the finish is the longevity. Locksmith Houston offers one-year warranty from the inexpensive door lock. As the locksets increase the price, you will be able to recognize that the years of warranty will increase also, generally. The length of the warranty that Locksmith Houston offers will also depend on the geographic location. If you are living near the ocean, which is a salty environment, you need to look for a lock that has a lifetime finish. Another consideration is if your door handle will be exposed to the sunlight. If so, the UV rays can fade or damage some finish quickly.

In terms of purchasing door locks to the Locksmith Houston, the security is the most important. These days, the top of the line in safety and security are the bump proof locks. Bumping of lock is a method to enter into a house forcibly, which is gaining in popularity among the burglars as it very fast and easy, and because it does not leave a sign of entering forcibly. The bump proof locks these days are featuring special cylinder key that has pins, which are not possible to pick and bump resistant. Nevertheless, for the best protection, you need to look for locks in Locksmith Houston without exterior keyway at all. Commonly, these locks are featuring a keypad outside, so that you can input a custom combination of opening the door.

When it comes to convenience, Locksmith Houston provides a keypad door lock, which can be very nice, more especially for the families that have young children and pet, or you are one of the busy professionals who may not have time messing around with the keys. Another of the door locks that is perfectly convenient is the actuated lockset that is controlled with remote. You can have them installed by the Locksmith Houston for the effectiveness. Much like a car remote, you will be able to carry a small remote together with your keychain, and then simply point it at the door of your property, pressing a button to unlock or lock the door. If you are handicapped for some situations, you can unlock your front door without getting out of your chairs. Locksmith Houston also provides additional remotes to the nannies, service personnel, or your house cleaners. Each of the service person will also be able to get in your home as necessary.

These are only few of the many issues that you should consider when getting ready to purchase new locks for your home. If you are still not sure about what units would be perfect for you, you can consult Locksmith Houston who is offering special choices of home security products and services. Locksmith Houston will also assist you to make the right decision. You need to keep in mind that entry locks are a big investments, you must take your time and shop them carefully. Not just would you want to get the most out of your money, and that you are providing the best possible security for family.

Your Security will depend on your Door Lock

Locksmith Houston is providing door locks, which will represent a problem area in many different homes involving home security and with the technology that this has taken care of, together with the technology that was around for long. Home security is significant today in order to protect your home and family with the home break-ins on the rise, and to have a Locksmith Houston door lock with the lost keys are presenting a problem and various people feel the necessity of hiding a key outside your door. This is something that Locksmith Houston is looking for, why would you break-in if they are only unlocking the door with a key. This key, which was found in one of the common hiding places, on the frame above the door, under the doormat, or even near the door in a flowerpot. They are the places used in hiding the keys for many years.

There are options that can be made in order to make your Locksmith Houston door locks much safer; first, a lock can be re-keyed. This will be a wise idea, if there was a key lost or when you move into a new home. One of the main goal of Locksmith Houston is to make it sure that there will be no one that will enter through this door, which must not be in your home. There are some other reasons occurring to make rekeying a lock as a wise idea for home security purposes, like to leave your car keys together with the house key attached when Locksmith Houston repair it.

This does not mean that will be able to make a copy of the key because it is out of your sight for an amount of time extended with the strangers, it will be a smart idea. To move to a new home would mean that your security system can be updated by the Locksmith Houston with the new security code and the changed a new door lock or rekeying door lock. This is due to there is no way to know how many people are having keys to the door locks. Security is the most important for your home and your family so you need to choose a new door locks from Locksmith Houston wisely.