Why a compliant device is better than a padlock?

Replace broken locks on warehouses with code compliant exit devices

Do you own a warehouse where you have broken and rusted locks? Almost all of the old warehouses in the town have broken or rusted locks that cannot be fixed. However, we keep our possessions inside the warehouses and therefore they need to be saved. Some of the things commonly kept inside warehouses include stock of our products we sell, the stock of our departmental stores, the equipment used in case of emergency and even old vehicles that can be reused again. Warehouses usually have a lot of space to keep everything we require safe and out of sight from everyone. The warehouse works as a storage unit for handling and keeping our possessions. Despite their significance, they are often ignored and their locks wear out. Most of us use padlocks for locking the warehouses. But we forget often that those padlocks get rusted and stained easily in rain and other climatic conditions. We need something else that is resistant to external factors and protective as well.

What could you get for your warehouse that protects and locks it from the outer world? You ought to have some new security system installed in order to make sure all your valuables remain safe and secure. All you have to do is call our Locksmith Houston and he will solve your problem in no time!

We are here to offer something that is easier to use and much safer than your ordinary padlocks. We want to advise you to get code compliant exit device installed for your warehouse instead of relying on padlocks. How do they work? Following is their elaborate detail and how they work for your safety and security.

The code compliant exit device, as the name suggests, works according to the code you program it with. Once we install the device in your warehouse gate or door, all you have to do is enter the code you want to open the door with. Once the code has been registered in the compliant device, all you have to do is enter it whenever you need to open the doors and close the door for an automated locking of the warehouse. The compliant box works like a charm for your possessions inside the warehouse. Easy to use and easy to install, this is the kind of locking system you need for your warehouses.

Why a compliant device is better than a padlock?

If you still think you would rely on bigger, complex and easy to use padlocks instead of getting the compliant devices, we can give you five reasons why you shouldn’t. Following is a list of five reasons why getting code compliant devices installed is a much better and wiser choice than relying on padlocks.

  1. They are more secure: when you program and register a new code in the code compliant device, the device gets digitally programmed. This way, it improves the security and safety conditions. When a code is registered, you automatically increase the security of the warehouse. Codes are much more difficult to crack than padlocks. Padlocks can be easily picked and tampered with. However, the code compliant devices may also come with alarms that set off if anyone tries to tamper with them.
  2. Padlocks get rusty: with exposure to rain and stormy nights, the padlocks easily get rusted. This makes it even easier to tamper with them and unlock them. While the code compliant devices are resistant to rain, wind and other climatic conditions. This makes it easier for the person to decide how he wants to keep his warehouse and possessions safe. The code compliant devices enable you to resist the external forces and increase the security for your possessions side by side.
  3. Advanced technology: with the advancement in technology, the security devices need to be improved. The code compliant exit device enables you to improve your security conditions in the warehouse. Not only will your valuables be protected in a more advanced way but their safety will be guaranteed. These locks cannot be picked or tampered with easily.
  4. Upgrade for improvement: another thing you need to check is whether your security system can be upgraded with time. While the padlocks will remain as they have been for the past decades, the code compliant exit devices will get more advanced and will improve with time. This way, the security for your warehouse will be increased and improved with time.
  5. Stronger than padlocks: the code compliant exit device is stronger than the padlocks. They cannot be tampered with, they will not be damaged due to pressure and you will never have to carry a key for opening and locking them again. One of the best things is how the code compliant system works without a key. While there is no key, you will only require a code to open and lock the device for locking the warehouse for safety. You will not have to seek our help for replacing your padlocks because you’ve lost their keys.

Our locksmith Houston will be always available to install this code compliant exit device for you. As the name suggests, you will be able to exit the warehouse in an instant instead of twisting and turning the padlocks for opening. The code compliant device is exactly what you need to improve the security of your warehouse and its possessions. Let us make sure your valuables are completely safe from external factors such as the weather and burglaries by installation of this simply marvelous technology. What could be better than a state of the art locking system that promises safety and security of your stock? Call our professions for help and make sure all your possessions are safe. Make sure you are able to enjoy the life inside your home without paying a visit to the warehouse every five minutes.