Panic Bars and Commercial Buildings

Panic Bars Are Mandatory in Commercial Buildings

If you’re working in a commercial building namely your office or any other building, you might have heard of the panic bar. Ever wondered what the panic bar really is? According to the law, most of the commercial buildings in every state have a panic bar installed in them. In simple words, a panic bar can be defined as a level lock that is used in case of emergency. It works somewhat similar to a fire alarm. When you pull down the level, an alarm is set off. Everyone inside the building is supposed to exit the building as soon as they hear the alarm. This alarm is set off in case of emergencies and eradicates the concerns of opening hundreds of locks to let people leave a particular building.

While there may be hundreds of other methods to spread an alarming warning among the occupants of the building, this is the easiest way. One of the methods of doing so is by hitting the code buttons. In case of panic, not a lot of people remember which code is specified for which kind of an emergency. For instance, there are different code buttons named after colors to hit in case of different emergency situations in hospitals. While people at the hospitals are trained to remember the colors, panic might cause them to forget which code color is used for which situation. It is always better to have something easier in case of emergency. Therefore, having a panic bar is exactly what you need at your commercial building in case of emergency breaches.

You would be amazed to know that the panic bars have been mandatory since the twentieth century. According to the laws in most of the states in the world, having panic bars was made legitimately mandatory in commercial buildings. These buildings may include offices, schools, banks, shopping malls, cinemas and all other buildings where the public may interact. The panic bar is often referred to as the push bar which because we push the lever downwards for creating an alarm among the people inside a particular building. With the help of this alarm, every lock in a public building is opened. When the locks are opened, each individual can exit the building without waiting for authorities to give further notice.

Is it useful?

You must be wondering if the panic bar is really useful. The concern in emergency situations is evacuating the buildings where a fire may spread or something else of alarm may happen. The only way of making people exit the building is by creating an alarm. While the people of the building are made aware of emergency situations and the alarm they might hear, they are never going to act upon their intuitions to exit the building. A loud alarm is always required to open the locks and have people exit buildings which are under emergency situations. Therefore, the panic bar becomes a mandatory source of evacuating buildings in case of alarm or security breaches.

Which one for my office?

If you’re thinking there may be hundreds of designs in panic bars, you’re right. Panic bars are often designed according to the size and nature of buildings. Some panic bars may be louder, others may look smaller and different characteristics may be present. The concern here is your building. What kind of a building you work in? Is it really huge or relatively smaller? What you need to do is hire a professional locksmith and tell him about your commercial premises. A locksmith is the only one who can truly understand your area and have the right kind of a panic bar installed in the building you work in. You need to make sure you talk to him about certain kinds of emergency situations that are likely to occur in your building. For instance, some buildings might be at the risk of getting their fire alarms set off due to air pressure etc. These things depend upon the nature of work being done inside your commercial building. Therefore, it is necessary to let your locksmith know exactly the kind of work being done in your building and its exact surface area.