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2010 Ford Fusion Remote Programming instructions

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Shear These Programming Instructions

NOTE: This procedure is for programming conventional keyfobs only. The Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter of the Integrated Keyhead Transmitter (IKT) is programmed automatically during the Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) programming.

NOTE: All RKE transmitters must be programmed at the same time.

NOTE: Do not apply the brake pedal during this sequencing, as doing so ends the sequence and the transmitters will not be programmed.

  1. Electronically unlock the door locks using the door lock control switch.

  2. Cycle the ignition switch from the OFF to the RUN position 8 times in rapid succession (within 10 seconds), with the eighth turn ending in RUN. If the module successfully enters program mode, it locks and then unlocks all the doors.

    NOTE: If no action is taken within 20 seconds after a transmitter has been programmed, the programming sequence ends (the doors lock and unlock to confirm that programming is complete).

  3. Within 20 seconds, press any button on the RKE transmitter to be programmed. The doors lock and then unlock to confirm that each RKE transmitter is programmed. Repeat this step for each RKE transmitter.

  4. Exiting the programming mode is accomplished if one of the following occurs:

    • The key transitions to the OFF position.
    • 20 seconds have passed since entering programming mode or since the last RKE transmitter was programmed.
    • The maximum number (4) of RKE transmitters have been programmed.

      Check the operation of the RKE transmitter. If the door locks do not respond for the programmed RKE transmitter(s), wait several seconds and press the button again. If the door locks still fail to respond, (Make sure that no more than the maximum number of RKE transmitters are attempted to be programmed.)