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1997 Buick Riviera Remote Programming instructions

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Shear These Programming Instructions

1. Insert keys in ignition and leave in the OFF position.

2. Locate the OBDII Port.

3. Make sure there are metal contact pins in terminals 8 and 4. Connect 8 and 4 with a suitable
jumper wire (leave the jumper wire connected throughout the programming procedure). Make
sure you know which terminals are 8 and 4. The vehicle will respond by locking then unlocking the
doors to signify entering of programming mode.

4. Turn ignition to the ON position (as far as you can go without cranking the engine).

5. Press and hold both the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons together on the first transmitter to be
programmed. Up to about 30 seconds, the vehicle will respond by locking then unlocking the doors.
Release the buttons on the transmitter.

6. Within one minute, repeat the previous step on the remaining transmitter (if any – including any
existing remotes).

7. Remove jumper wire applied to the