The difference in High Security Locks

The difference in High Security Locks

The reason we need more locks in our homes and offices is because we need to improve security and increase safety of our possessions. From the lives of your children to your most valuable possessions, everything you own needs to be protected. Our professional locksmith Houston is ready at your service to offer high security locks to improve your security at home and work place. You can evaluate the difference between your average locks and the high security locks. Upgrading your security locks is a much better option than risking your safety and life.

Among the most common locks include the padlocks that are operated with keys. These padlocks are often used to protect our possessions in homes, offices and warehouses. Some of the issues related to these easily operated locks include:

Keys can be easily duplicated: the keys that operate these locks are easily copied and replicated. The problem with these keys is that they are made from simple mechanisms and the locks are available at almost every market. Therefore, the keys can be duplicated by lock masters and other burglars. They only require one-time access to the keys in order to duplicate them and enter your house. This is one of the top reasons for increased crime rates.

Locks are easy to pick: the padlocks are made from simple mechanisms and don’t require expertise in the field. While they are produced easily, they can be picked easily as well. Only a single pin may enable the person to pick this kind of a lock. This is why these locks need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Easy to break: the padlocks can be drilled into easily. With the help of cylindrical locking structure, these locks can be easily opened. By simply drilling into the mechanism of the lock, it can be opened easily and can be broken from the entire door. Therefore, these locks are weak in terms of protecting your possessions and life today.

Locks might get rusty: due to exposure to water and storms, these metallic and iron locks easily get rusty and fall off. These locks are simply developed and therefore have the issue of falling off easily. Therefore, these locks need replacement for stronger and better security protective methods.

While the simpler and older locks can be easily picked, you need something to replace these locks with. You need to make sure your new locks are stronger and firm for protecting your possessions. Following are the differences between the newly developed locks and old locks which will make your decision easier.

Limited number of keys: the keys made with new locks and padlocks are only manufactured once or twice. These keys cannot be duplicated and copied easily. Once you purchase the better lock and higher security lock, you will have its key registered to your name and ID. Afterwards, the key will be patented to your name. No one else in the entire world will be able to make a duplicate of that key or have it made from the company. Patented and restricted keys improve your security conditions automatically since no one can break your locks or tamper with them.

Picking is not an option: the new locks are made from complex mechanisms that make them impossible to get picked. These locks cannot be picked by picking needles and other tools. Apart from the very professional locksmiths, no one will be able to pick these locks. The cylindrical structure that is made inside the lock is not only pick-proof but also cannot be drilled into. The drills cannot be embedded within these cylindrical structures to make sure nothing is entered inside the lock.

Do not rust or get tampered with: the new locks are improved and do not rust. However, for improved security conditions, you can always have them replaced and upgraded after a period of three months. After you’ve replaced the locks after every three months, your security conditions are improved and no one can possibly tamper with your locks.

If you are looking for the best companies which produce these high security locks, you need to consult the following manufacturing companies:

Schlage, Mul T lock, Corbin-Russwin, ASSA Lock, Inc. and Medeco.

Why you need to improve your security at home and office

You need to make sure your house, office and warehouses are equipped with the best security locks for improved security. This is because of the increased crime rates globally. You need to make sure your possessions and life are safe from the burglars that may attack your neighborhood. Having your locks changed after every three months is the best way of handling your security crisis. Precaution is always better then afterward protection.

With the increase of our legal documents and valuable possessions, you need to make sure your house and offices are safe. Most of our important data, office books and other legal documents are stored in the form of digital media; we need to protect them from external forces and pressures. This is why you need to make sure your security at home and office is increased. You can also hire our professionally trained Locksmith Houston for improving your security conditions. In case you want to change your security level at the home and office, you can also have security systems installed in your home and office. For example, you can have a smart security system installed with provides an alert in case of an entrance or exit. Increased security systems may also require an identification system for your entry and exit. What could be better than a smart security system that makes sure everything inside your house and office is kept safe from the outer world? Have your old and rusty locks replaced with our professional locksmiths right now and make sure everything you own is safe, along with your life and that of our loved ones.

We open safes too

We open safes too!

Where do you keep your most valuable possessions? Most of us keep them in safes and lockers especially designed for our belongings. There are different things you would like to keep in safes. Different things we often keep in our safes include liquid cash, valuable jewels, precious gem stones, precious crystals and other valuables. While most of you would not know, there are different kinds of safes available in the market. The difference depends on their level of security and their nature of protection. In order to decide which safe will be suitable according to your wishes, you need to know what kinds of safes are available. Following are some examples of safes that can be installed in your office and houses:

Simple safes which are fire resistant: these safes are simple and easy to operate. These are usually installed in your homes. They have been designed for residential purposes, for securing personal precious belongings. They have a protective lock outside the door and can be easily picked. However, they are completely fire resistant and therefore can protect your valuable documents and jewels. All you have to do is get this safe and place your valuables inside and lock them.

Burglary safes: these safes are designed especially to resist lock picking. These are designed for residential purposes too. They are fire resistant and fire proof too. These locks are bigger than the simple ones and more valuables can be placed inside them. You can place your guns and other dangerous materials here too.

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Standalone safes: this safe is also designed for residential purposes. This safe has various categories for saving your valuables. From your valuable documents to precious jewels, all can be secured through different means via this safe. This safe offers key lock, combination lock, and electronic lock. All or more than one locks can be implemented in this safe. This way, the security and protection of your valuables will be increased.

Wall/floor safes: you can have conventional safes built inside the walls or under your floors for maximum protection. This is one of the most popular ways of saving your money, documents and precious gems. The safe is like an in-built cabinet that can be installed easily within a wall or under the floor. However, one of the downside of these locks is that they are prone to rusting. But our professional Locksmith Houston will make sure your safes are safe from rusting and other damages.

Vaults: these are safes installed mostly in banks and other commercial buildings. It has a complicated machine for locking your valuables. They are made with combination locks or other modern mechanisms of locking for maximum protection of money or books of hotels and other organizations.

Media safes: these safes are among the latest and most advanced safes ever developed. They are developed as to resist temperature ups and downs. However, this safe is completely dedicated to digital form of protection. It can protect DVDs, CDs, floppy disks, USB drives and other digital media. The safes are designed to resist humidity, heat, pressure and wind. Not only can they protect the digital media inside but resist being found easily as their size is usually kept small. These are installed in offices and other commercial buildings where most of the important data is kept on digital media. Hardly these locks are ever installed for residential use.

Deposit boxes: made from steel, these are among the most common methods of storing important documents including organization books, liquid cash and other precious belongings. Deposit boxes can be usually found in high tech security facilities such as banks. These can be used by residents as well as corporate men. They can keep their jewels, checks, documents and money in these boxes without having to answer anyone.

Now that you know how there are many kinds of safes, you know the risk of having them locked. Among the most common mistakes is forgetting combinations. Most of us write down combinations but those who don’t easily forget them. There is always risk in letting someone else know about the combination if it has been written down somewhere. However, forgetting them is another concern. Fret no longer because we open safes too! Locksmith Houston is always available for opening different kinds of safes and getting you in touch with your valuable possessions. You can rely on our professionally trained and skillful locksmiths to open all kinds of safes easily without inflicting damage upon them. A locksmith can easily open vaults and other safes with combination locks. However, only our locksmiths have the ability to open all the different kinds of safes mentioned above. From the simplest one to the media safe, we can open everything in less than an hour just for you!

One thing we guarantee is our reliability. No matter how much money or valuable jewels you keep in your safes, you can rely on our locksmiths not to touch them. We have only the most trustworthy and reliable locksmiths that offer nothing but their services to the people. So whether you’ve forgotten the combination lock or you simply cannot open your safe, we know how to help you. Our professionals are always here to help in need!

We can crack open even the toughest safe in no time. Another thing we guarantee is efficiency. Sometimes you need your important documents as soon as possible. Our locksmiths will make sure you get them right away! Without having to wait for a couple of hours, you can rely on our locksmith to open your safe in less than one hour. What could be faster than that? Call our locksmith and have him on your speed dial in case of emergency. Make sure you know exactly who you’re letting near your valuables! Our loyal and dedicated locksmiths are here to offer their services without doing anything to your precious belongings.

We Make Car Keys Too!

We Make Car Keys Too!

Have you heard about Locksmith Houston? We are a company dedicated to offering the most needed services in town. We offer different security services to residential and commercial buildings. Our mission is to offer ease in lifestyle and comfort in living. There is nothing harmonious than the feeling of being protected by someone. When you have a professional locksmith to help you out, you get that feeling automatically!

There are a number of life situations when we barely know how to react. Most of these situations involve losing our car keys, getting locked inside the bathroom or getting locked outside the house! We all need locksmiths immediately to get it in or out, depending on the situation. Luckily, we have just the right locksmiths for the job. Our locksmiths are trained and skilled in their profession and know exactly how to deal with these kinds of conditions. They know how to pick your car lock in less than a minute without damaging the lock or disrupting the door handle. You can rely on your supermen to do the job for you!

Let us think of the situations when we need the help of locksmiths and evaluate what can be done about them:

  1. Getting jammed inside the car: sometimes what we don’t realize is our car heating up. When the car heats up and emits smoke, most of us lose our senses and have no idea how to react. In such cases, the locks of our cars are often jammed, leaving us more terrified than ever. In this case, there is no one but a professional locksmith to help us figure out the problem and get out of the car. But after getting out of the car if we still don’t find our car keys to open and shut the locks as desired, we need someone to make new car keys too! Luckily, our company makes sure that area is also covered. Whether you own a massive sedan or a small family car, we make car keys of all kinds.
  2. Locked outside the car because you’ve left the keys somewhere: when you’re having a really good day but all of a sudden you cannot find your car key, that’s a total turn down. While you can call our locksmiths to get your car unlocked, you would definitely need someone to recreate your car keys immediately. As we offer our locksmith services, we will offer our car key reproduction services as well. We will recreate your car keys in the most efficient way possible. Not only will you be able to drive your car around with ease, you will know who to contact in case you forget your keys again!
  3. You broke your car key inside the keyhole: sometimes due to rain or water exposure, our car keys get rusted. If we’re too lazy to get them fixed or have new ones made, they often break within the twisting and turning for unlocking the car. This is when it really gets on your nerves! Our locksmith will be right here to take out the pieces of the broken key from the keyhole but then you would need a new key after all. Our Locksmith Houston will offer our company’s services for recreation of your car keys in the easiest way possible. We are skilled in producing strong, firm and adjustable car keys. Not only will they resist the turning and twisting every day, they will resist rusting as well.

Apart from offering the best locksmith services, we are offering car key production services as well. As mentioned above, there are hundreds of scenarios when we lose or break our car keys. You will need someone professional to recreate your car keys in the shortest time. With our advanced technology and skillful working, we ensure recreation of your car keys. Our new car keys are resistant to rusting and twisting. They are made with ultimate care and professionalism to ensure strength and firmness.

It doesn’t matter what kind of a car you have, we will be here making all kinds of car keys. Whether you have a racing car or a family car, we will make sure every kind of key is replicated and made according to your desires. We will make sure you never forget your new car key anywhere!

Our newly produced car keys are even better looking the old ones! They are stylishly designed and made with 100% strength. Our new car keys ensure a stylish outlook while resisting rusting, twisting and other issues. We promise nothing but the best quality for our customers. We want to make sure your car is unlocked, locked and driven whenever you want. Our car keys are produced in less than a day. The fastest, the better!

Our locksmiths are always ready to help you out. Whether you’re stuck outside your car, lost the keys or they have broken inside the keyhole, we are here to offer help. Offering our services in the most reasonable prices, we assure comfort and ease in lives. We truly care about our customers and want them to rely on us for undeniably important services. With our professional locksmiths and professional technicians making new car keys, you will have half of your problems solved in no time! Have our locksmith on your speed dial and call him whenever you need a new car key or are in need or our services. We are the best and dedicated locksmiths ready to help! We are here to bust you out of your jammed bathrooms, your wary security systems at home, your locked cars and even produce new keys for your car. What could be better than knowing we have your back? We are here to help and offer our services in daytime or night. Give us a call and we will deal with all your problems in no time.

Finding a Locksmith

Finding a Locksmith

The significance of a locksmith is undeniable. And if you beg to differ, we can give you many reasons as to why you must have a locksmith at your speed dial. Locksmiths do more than just installation and repairing of our locks. They get us out of emergency situations which no one else would. While we are often careless and forget our keys or lock ourselves in the jammed bathroom locks, locksmiths make sure we get out of there faster than anything else! If you still think having a locksmith at your speed dial is unnecessary, here are a few reasons to make you think otherwise:

  • In case we forget our keys: it has been noted how a huge number of working parents and individuals forget their car keys somewhere they don’t seem to remember. Whether they were out partying all night and forgot about carrying their keys back to the car, they need professional help getting back in the car. There is no one else who promises zero damage to your vehicle while and gets you back in the car in no time. Even if you’ve forgot your keys inside the car, you need someone professional to get you back in the car without inflicting damage to your car. A locksmith is exactly who you can call for help at this moment.
  • In case you’ve locked yourself out of the house: sometimes we’re in such a hurry that we lock the house door without taking the keys outside. Only a professional locksmith can get your car unlocked in less than five minutes. With the right equipment and expertise, getting you back in your car is as easy anything! They can also guarantee zero damage to the doors or handles of your car door.
  • Increasing your security: when you think your house or office needs increased and improved security, there is no one better than a locksmith for the job. A professional locksmith will install the most advanced and latest security system in your or office with complete expertise. Not only is your locksmith able to install a security system but fix its bugs and issues in case the system goes wary in the future. You can hire Locksmith Houston and rely on him for the entire job.
  • Repairing broken or rusted locks: if you think you need new locks because the old ones have been worn out, you need to hire a locksmith right away. With the increasing crime rate, you cannot possibly risk your security and that of your valuable possessions. Hire a locksmith instantly and have new locks installed in your house and office.

These were some of the reasons why you must have a personal locksmith ready to serve you at all times. Now the problem lies in finding the right locksmith for the job. You need to find a locksmith who is trustworthy, works efficiently and is available for emergency purposes.

The question now remains on finding the locksmith. How can you find someone who is reliable, trustworthy and efficient at his work? Which locksmith is easy to reach and understands your security concerns? Who are you going to contact in case you’re locked outside your house on a rainy night? Who will get you outside your car if the locks are jammed and you’ve tried everything you can to get out? Where will you find the person who can improve your security conditions at home and working places? The best answer is through our company. Our company offers the best locksmiths who have been trained and skilled in their profession. After working for years in the profession, they know exactly how to deal with different situations concerning locks. So if you think you’re stuck in the car and it is running out of oxygen, who do you think you need to call immediately?

Who better than the locksmith to get you out of the car without damaging the door? You need locksmiths in different conditions and emergency situations of life. The best option for you is to hire the professional and reliable Locksmith Houston. These locksmiths have been skilled and trained completely before practicing the art of lock installation, repair and removal. Our locksmiths have the right kind of equipment for any job related to their profession. They have been trained for years to work with the required equipment. One of the unique factors about these locksmiths is their dedication to their profession. Every locksmith is hired for his inborn passion and skill for locks. Not only do they have complete knowledge of the existing locks and security systems in the world, they know about the latest gadgets and systems best suited for your home. If you have danger from some past enemies or the burglary rates in your neighborhood have increased, there is nothing better than upgrading your security system at home and office. Our locksmiths are here to offer the latest security systems which cannot be hacked or damaged by anyone but you.

With a passion to execute action plans for improved security at residential and corporate buildings, these locksmiths are efficient and reliable. These locksmiths have been trained to work under pressure and in emergency cases. Therefore, they know exactly how fast and efficiently they need to work. All you have to do is contact our company and find yourself a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking locksmith personally available for you.

Getting your locks installed or previous ones replaced is quite tricky. While you’re protecting yourself and valuable possessions from outside danger, your locksmith is completely aware about how to pick your locks. Once you’re working with our locksmiths, you will have nothing to worry about! Our locksmiths are completely trustworthy and reliable in all cases. Their mission is to help people and protect them. They will be available after a single call and ready to help you day in and day out.

Honda door locks replaced

Honda door locks replaced

If you own a Honda car, you might have a lock that’s bothering you. From the past few months, it has come to our notice that Honda locks have been troubling customers. Not to worry, we have the professional Locksmith Houston to replace your Honda locks in no time! But do you know what kind of a Honda lock your car has? Following are some Honda locks your car might have. See if you can identify the one installed in your car doors. And once you have identified them, you will also notice how the issues we have stated actually exist in those particular locks. If there are some issues in those locks, you ought to have them replaced because they might cause security concerns in your car. What if you get locked inside the car without enough oxygen? What if you get locked outside the car without anyone to help you get in? We are here to make sure nothing of this sort happens. Have our locksmiths on your speed dial and such worries will no longer exist!

3 WH2-101L plastic lock: this is one of the common locks that can be found in Honda cars. This lock is usually designed for cars that have sliding windows. This lock is best suited for sedans of Honda that require automatic locking and unlocking. One of the common issues in such a lock includes the disabling of the lock on its own. It has been noted that this lock disables on its own without the person doing so. The car might get unlocked while standing at a public place. In order to avoid concerns, this lock is not a suitable lock for your car doors. If you have this lock in your car doors and you haven’t had any trouble locking or unlocking your car, you might face these problems in the future. Therefore, you need to make sure you have these locks replaced instantly. What could be better than upgraded locks that improve your security, improve your safety in the car and have no troubles whatsoever?

Semi-circular electronic door lock: this is also a very common type of Honda lock your car might have. Like a regular car lock, this lock operates with a key. This lock is made from brass aluminum for maximum protection and proper locking of the car. These door locks come with metallic silver keys that operate the locks. An issue in these locks is that they rust more often. These locks get rusted due to exposure to water and wind. Therefore, the lock might be problematic for your car.

Wholesale high quality aluminum alloy automatic spring window lock: made from aluminum, this lock is embedded within the car doors for proper locking and safety of the car. It not only locks the door of the car but also the windows. You can select whether you want both things to remain locked or only the door to stay locked. By a single push or pull, the lock can be implemented on the door.

Cadenas case lock security padlock 80mm: with a diameter of 80mm, this lock is used like a padlock in a car. Just like a regular lock, the cylindrical shape sticks inside the lock and locks the car. When the car is locked, the cylinder sticks inside and therefore enables the car to stay protected and safe. This lock is what most of your cars have to lock with a key. Easy to lock and easy to disable, this lock can be installed in all kinds of Honda cars.

Modern desk cabinet drawer lock: this lock is also a common lock found in the latest models of Honda. As the name suggests, this lock is similar to the one that is often installed in cabinets and cupboard drawers. The cylindrical lock can be locked and disabled with ease. This lock is made from zinc alloy and can be replaced easily. This lock can also be installed in your drawers, cabinets and cupboards. For securing your valuable possessions inside the drawers and cupboards, this lock can be used. This lock is also made from alloys such as nickel and chrome. The issue that you might face after installation of this lock includes rusting and breaking of the key inside the keyhole.

Honda Switch locks Hon66 100% genuine car locks: this is yet another lock which is found in the latest cars of Honda. This lock is made from metal that resists turning and twisting with the key. Hundred percent genuine car lock is being used in different models of sedans and SUVs.

Above were the few new locks mentioned that are being installed by the company Honda. While the car locks are remarkably complex and hard to pick, they have some issues that need to be fixed. If you think your Honda lock is perfectly suited for your car, you can have it replaced for an upgrade from our professionally trained locksmith Houston to do the job for you. Our trained and skilled professionals will make sure your car gets equipped with the only Honda lock that’s best for it. With our help, you will be able to tackle all troubles you’ve previously been facing with Honda car locks. We will make sure your worries are no longer here!

We will offer a guideline to you and advice about the best Honda lock for your car. Have it replaced in less than a few hours and your car will seem as good as new! We will replace your Honda car lock without damaging the exterior or interior of the car. With our professional help, no one will even notice the extracted previous lock and the installed new one. Replacing locks is as easy anything for our professionals! We are completely dedicated to offering quality services to all our valued customers.

Why a compliant device is better than a padlock?

Replace broken locks on warehouses with code compliant exit devices

Do you own a warehouse where you have broken and rusted locks? Almost all of the old warehouses in the town have broken or rusted locks that cannot be fixed. However, we keep our possessions inside the warehouses and therefore they need to be saved. Some of the things commonly kept inside warehouses include stock of our products we sell, the stock of our departmental stores, the equipment used in case of emergency and even old vehicles that can be reused again. Warehouses usually have a lot of space to keep everything we require safe and out of sight from everyone. The warehouse works as a storage unit for handling and keeping our possessions. Despite their significance, they are often ignored and their locks wear out. Most of us use padlocks for locking the warehouses. But we forget often that those padlocks get rusted and stained easily in rain and other climatic conditions. We need something else that is resistant to external factors and protective as well.

What could you get for your warehouse that protects and locks it from the outer world? You ought to have some new security system installed in order to make sure all your valuables remain safe and secure. All you have to do is call our Locksmith Houston and he will solve your problem in no time!

We are here to offer something that is easier to use and much safer than your ordinary padlocks. We want to advise you to get code compliant exit device installed for your warehouse instead of relying on padlocks. How do they work? Following is their elaborate detail and how they work for your safety and security.

The code compliant exit device, as the name suggests, works according to the code you program it with. Once we install the device in your warehouse gate or door, all you have to do is enter the code you want to open the door with. Once the code has been registered in the compliant device, all you have to do is enter it whenever you need to open the doors and close the door for an automated locking of the warehouse. The compliant box works like a charm for your possessions inside the warehouse. Easy to use and easy to install, this is the kind of locking system you need for your warehouses.

Why a compliant device is better than a padlock?

If you still think you would rely on bigger, complex and easy to use padlocks instead of getting the compliant devices, we can give you five reasons why you shouldn’t. Following is a list of five reasons why getting code compliant devices installed is a much better and wiser choice than relying on padlocks.

  1. They are more secure: when you program and register a new code in the code compliant device, the device gets digitally programmed. This way, it improves the security and safety conditions. When a code is registered, you automatically increase the security of the warehouse. Codes are much more difficult to crack than padlocks. Padlocks can be easily picked and tampered with. However, the code compliant devices may also come with alarms that set off if anyone tries to tamper with them.
  2. Padlocks get rusty: with exposure to rain and stormy nights, the padlocks easily get rusted. This makes it even easier to tamper with them and unlock them. While the code compliant devices are resistant to rain, wind and other climatic conditions. This makes it easier for the person to decide how he wants to keep his warehouse and possessions safe. The code compliant devices enable you to resist the external forces and increase the security for your possessions side by side.
  3. Advanced technology: with the advancement in technology, the security devices need to be improved. The code compliant exit device enables you to improve your security conditions in the warehouse. Not only will your valuables be protected in a more advanced way but their safety will be guaranteed. These locks cannot be picked or tampered with easily.
  4. Upgrade for improvement: another thing you need to check is whether your security system can be upgraded with time. While the padlocks will remain as they have been for the past decades, the code compliant exit devices will get more advanced and will improve with time. This way, the security for your warehouse will be increased and improved with time.
  5. Stronger than padlocks: the code compliant exit device is stronger than the padlocks. They cannot be tampered with, they will not be damaged due to pressure and you will never have to carry a key for opening and locking them again. One of the best things is how the code compliant system works without a key. While there is no key, you will only require a code to open and lock the device for locking the warehouse for safety. You will not have to seek our help for replacing your padlocks because you’ve lost their keys.

Our locksmith Houston will be always available to install this code compliant exit device for you. As the name suggests, you will be able to exit the warehouse in an instant instead of twisting and turning the padlocks for opening. The code compliant device is exactly what you need to improve the security of your warehouse and its possessions. Let us make sure your valuables are completely safe from external factors such as the weather and burglaries by installation of this simply marvelous technology. What could be better than a state of the art locking system that promises safety and security of your stock? Call our professions for help and make sure all your possessions are safe. Make sure you are able to enjoy the life inside your home without paying a visit to the warehouse every five minutes.

How can you improve the security?

Why you need to be concerned about security

Every day you hear, there are increasing crime rates which is why you need to improve your security conditions. However, the condition is far more complicated than that. There are several other reasons why you need to increase your security conditions at home and work place. Following are some reasons why you need to reconsider your security at home and work place.

Increase in valuables: there are different kinds of valuables nowadays and their number has increased. While previously, we used to own a couple of jewels, some important documents and other souvenirs we needed to protect, our number of valuables have increased. From insurance policies to your company’s books, you need to protect all of them. Apart from material possessions, your family and loved ones also need protection from the criminals out there. Therefore, you need to install the latest security systems for protection. From the most expensive watch to your insurance documents, you need to protect them all. Not only will the documents be safe from tampering but also from fading away. Your number of valuables has increased therefore an automated increase in safety and security must also be ensured.

Data security is also important: while most of our business and legitimate work has gone online, we need to protect our digital mode of storage also. This is why we need to improve our security conditions to make sure everything is out of reach and completely secure. This is because our data is now mostly saved in hard drives, USB drives and other digital media. The digital media can be tampered with easily and may also be disrupted due to external factors such as the weather and humidity conditions. This is why they need to be saved from external factors as well as tampering by human error. Therefore, you need to improve your security where all the data is stored and kept.

Your previous security systems are no longer reliable: whether you have locks or deadbolts installed in your home or office, you need to improve them. It has been recorded that the number of crime rates has increased after the World War 2. Therefore, you need to protect your valuable possessions and loved ones from harm by improving your security at home and work place. It is advised to change your locks after every three months to reduce the chances of duplication of your lock keys or cracking of your combination locks. If you don’t need a change in the locks, you can always hire professional help for upgrade of your security systems installed in houses and work places.

How can you improve the security?

Now that you know why you need to be concerned about your security systems, following are some ways you can improve your security at work and home.

Get the latest security system installed: among the most advanced security systems include the smart home security system. This system only lets you in after you have confirmed identification that has been programmed inside the system. After you’ve left the house, all the doors and garage gates lock automatically. This is because the house has been programmed to auto-lock after everyone has left the house. There is no key or twisting and turning required for opening the lock. The lock is opened only after identification is confirmed and you have entered a password. This system also makes sure that it turns on an alarm if an unidentified person enters the house at the time of night.

Upgrade the locks: if you cannot afford a smart security system just as yet, you can always upgrade your locks and improve your security. This can be done by upgrading your padlocks to deadbolts or other advanced locks. Some of the great examples include deadbolts, cylindrical locks, combination locks and installation of lever handle locks. All these locks can be locked and opened by keys easily by the owner.

Have safes installed: for your most valuable possessions, you need to have safes installed within the walls or floors. After you’ve saved your possessions, you have fewer worries. These safes are often not detected and viewed by the naked eye. Only the owners can identify the place of these safes. Therefore, having these safes installed is one of the best methods of saving your precious valuables.

Have the locks changed after every three months: if you think someone might possess a key similar to yours, you need to have your lock changed immediately. Even if you think your locks are completely safe, you need to have them upgraded or changed after every three months. This is to improve your security conditions and make sure no one knows your combination or possesses a key to your locks. Hire a professional Locksmith Houston to make sure you have the right person for the job.

Our professional locksmiths make sure all your security concerns are eradicated from your life. Our locksmiths even remind you after every three months to have your locks upgraded or changed. From installing new locks and security systems to repairing the worn out or damaged ones, our locksmiths are here to help. Our professional Locksmith Houston is always available for service after a single call.

The best thing about our locksmiths is their level of understanding. They have complete knowledge of all the new and advanced security systems and locks introduced. You can talk to them about the kind of security level you need at your office or house and they will advise you of the security system you require. Not only will you have professional help, you will also acquire a professional working at your service at all times. In case the security system goes wary or the locks get jammed, our professional will always be here to help. This is why you need to hire our locksmiths who are always in action for their customers!

Why do locks fall off?

Why do locks fall off?

We use different kinds of locks to protect our belongings and valuable possessions. Padlocks are among the most commonly used locks on our house and office doors. It cannot be denied how important using locks are. The following are some reasons why you would be using locks in your home or offices:

  • The increasing crime rate internationally
  • You want to protect your important documents and legal books from other possession
  • You want to make sure your valuable possessions are out of reach
  • You want to make sure you’re your precious jewels and money are out of reach from burglars and thieves
  • You want to make sure your precious documents and jewels are out of reach from climatic conditions and external pressures

As there are different reasons why you would require locks for protection, there are different kinds of locks you would use. You can concern your Locksmith Houston for more advice. Among the different kinds of locks the most commonly used is the padlock. Padlocks can be used to lock the doors and cabinets from the outside without having them attached to anything else. It works as an independent external source that can be locked outside of the door handle or cabinet handle. This lock is also used to lock the handles of a gate. Padlock is made from steel and other metals. It can be of two different types: combination and keys. The key padlock is most often used. It can be opened with a simple key by twisting and turning. The combination padlock opens by combining two keys and twisting them together. There are a number of reasons why a padlock might fall off. Among the top reasons is that it has been tampered with. No matter which padlock you have, it is easier to pick than other locking systems. If it is picked, it can easily fall off from your safe possession. On the other hand, padlocks might also rust due to external pressure and water exposure. Therefore, the padlock works best if it is safe from external pressures and water.

Another kind of lock you might use is deadbolt. Deadbolts are installed inside the door knobs and locks. There are three basic kinds of deadbolts that can be used. These include: single, double and thumb-turn. These different kinds of deadbolts can increase the security of your possessions. These locks also require keys to open and close them. They are difficult to pick than simple padlocks. The reason why this deadbolt might fall off is its exposure to external force and water. While the deadbolts resist rusting, they can be picked by top equipment and expert burglars. However, the deadbolt might fall off if the keys break inside the keyhole of the lock.

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Knob lock is another lock frequently used in residential and commercial buildings. This lock is installed inside the door knob. It opens and locks by mere twisting of the lock like structure present outside the knob. It requires no key or other external force to lock or open. This lock only gets installed in the door knobs. One of the reasons why this lock might fall off is because it is easy to pick and gets disrupted by force and pressure. When the knob is twisted with more pressure than required, the lock might completely fall off. Also, this kind of a lock is also prone to get rusted if it is exposed to wind and water.

Lever handle locks can also be used to protect your valuables inside rooms and cupboards. These locks are also installed within the doors, instead of door knobs. The lever acts as the door knob handle and can be twisted to open the door. However, the lever has a lock inside it. This lock can only be opened by the help of a key. These locks most commonly fall off. When they are twisted or turned down with more pressure and force than required, they can easily break off from the door. Another reason for their falling off might be tampering. When a burglar tries to pick this lock, he might break the entire system of locking inside the lock, causing it to fall off completely.

Rim latch locks are often used within apartments and cabinets to secure inside possessions. These locks are installed within dark mounted structures. When the black mount is placed instead of the door handle or knob, the lock is then installed inside it. The lock can be opened by mere twisting of the knob like structure on it. Therefore, it is easy to open and lock it without requiring a key or special combination. This lock might easily fall off due to excessive turning and twisting of the knob like structure. This lock does not withstand a lot of pressure or force. Therefore, it is easy to break off and tamper with.

Key in cylindrical knob is another type of lock used inside doors and cabinets. The cylinder structure is installed within the cabinet, cupboard or door that needs to be locked. When the cylinder is installed, a special key is appointed with the lock. The lock follows a complex mechanism for locking the possessions inside. With the help of the key, the lock can be opened and closed. This lock might fall off due to the breaking of the key inside the key hole or if it has been tampered with.

Above mentioned were some locks and the reasons why they might fall off without you noticing it. The best thing to do is analyze why they might fall off and get the one installed that would secure your possessions for the longest time possible. You need to evaluate what kind of possessions you need to protect and which lock would protect them in the best possible method. Have a look at the kind of locks and concern a Locksmith Houston regarding your possessions.

Falcon Emergency Exit Device

Falcon Emergency Exit Device

Emergency exit is a structure or device that can be installed in buildings for emergency purposes. These emergency situations include: fire alarms, smoke, release of toxins in the air, release of radioactive chemicals in the environment etc. The nature of emergency depends upon the kind of building it is. The emergency exit is designed for people who are present in the building. These people would have to rush out of the building. The emergency exit allows the building to be evacuated as soon as possible in case of emergencies. This allows people to find the best exit instead of rushing through doors that might be locked. Other purposes of emergency exit devices can be unlocking of all the doors and gates that have been installed in a building. Falcon emergency exit device is used for that purpose. You can hire a professional locksmith Houston to have this device installed in order to evacuate commercial or residential buildings under emergency situations.

With the growing security concerns and emergency situations, we ought to have emergency exit devices installed in commercial as well as residential buildings. Among the best devices to be installed in buildings, Falcon emergency exit devices can be used. The Falcon emergency exit device can be installed in doors and garage gates for emergency purposes. The reason such devices are installed are for urgent exits. There are a number of situations which might lead to installation of such devices. Following are some reasons which require such emergency devices to be installed:

Fire alarms: in case the fire alarm sets out due to smoke or fire in a building, the building is supposed to be evacuated instantly. The only way of doing so is by opening all the doors and allowing the people to rush outside. However, in case of panic and emergency, it is not easy to open all locks and deadbolts immediately. Therefore, it becomes necessary to install a security device that opens and closes immediately. The Falcon emergency exit device can be installed with ease to open all your doors and gates instantly in case of emergency. If the fire hits out or some smoke emits from the building, the device can be used to open all the doors and enable emergency exit. This way, everyone can rush out without opening several door locks and deadbolts. Our professionally trained and skilled Locksmith Houston is always ready at emergency notice to help tackle fire and evacuate buildings. However, it is always better to have the emergency exit devices installed for better evacuation of the buildings in case of natural or human error crisis.

Natural hazards: there are various natural hazards which might inflict damage inside the buildings. These natural hazards include floods, earthquakes and storms. In such a case, the building is prone to collapse. Not only that, the people inside the building might be under danger. Therefore, the building must be evacuated instantly. In such a case, the Falcon emergency exit device is the best solution. This device enables every door to be unlocked and every bolt to be opened. By installing this single device, every building can be easily evacuated with a single mechanism. Whether the flood hits the buildings or the earthquake causes jerks to shake the entire building, this device can allow emergency exit at all times. With a single push of a button or level pulling, the emergency exit device can disable all locks found in the particular building enabling people to rush outside without creating more panic.

The benefits of having Falcon emergency exit device installed have been stated. Further, we need to analyze where the emergency exit device can be installed. Oftentimes, the device is installed within the main circuit room of the building. If the building is commercial, the main circuit room is the one that features all the buildings’ security essentials and electricity supply devices. This room will feature the Falcon emergency exit device. In case of emergency, the person in-charge will push a single button which will allow all doors to be unlocked for the building to the evacuated. This is the sole purpose of the emergency exit device: to evacuate buildings immediately without causing more panic.

Commercial buildings where these Falcon emergency exit devices are most commonly found include:

  • Fire departments: where there is equipment which might cause fuse in the electrical systems
  • Hospitals: where there are medicinal drugs which might cause trouble in breathing or other contact diseases that might lead to deaths and other serious health concerns
  • Museums: where there are chances of fire alarms and high reactivity due to different nature of paints and colors present
  • Schools: where there are different laboratories which might lead to fire and other instabilities in the ambiance
  • Offices and other commercial buildings: where there are cleaning agents containing various chemicals and dangerous ingredients
  • Search laboratories: where there are chances of highly reactive and explosive chemicals to be found. These buildings require more than one emergency exit devices to make sure every lock is disabled in the time of need
  • Libraries: where fire might hit out due to climatic conditions or other emergencies

These are only a few buildings where emergency exit devices are installed and required. According to the emergency situations and their nature in these buildings, different levels of security devices can be used. For example, the hospitals and schools might have intense security levels while those at museums and libraries may be less intense. The nature of security level depends upon the ratio of human life found in the buildings. However, it can be noted how important installing such emergency exit devices is, especially in commercial buildings. Not only will these devices enable proper evacuation in the least time possible, they will ensure care of those people who step out of the building in emergency crisis. Therefore, installing such emergency exit devices must be mandatory in commercial buildings.